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You can't miss these, and neither can anyone else!

These fluro yellow, orange and green, neon weave toe guards will literally stop people in their tracks.  maybe not, though.  

Each set is sold in pairs.   Choose your colour.

They are made from vegan leather and have a plain reverse, not that you will see it much.  The hole for your toe stop is heart shaped.  These have been tested to fit Moxis, Impalas and Chuffed.  If you want to know if they'll fit your skates, just send us a message.  Their length shown from lace loop to bottom is 16cm, they are 5cm wide.  The lace hole is big enough to either go through the first set of laces, or the second depending on what skates you have and how tight you want them.  It can also be adjusted by moving it slightly up or down using the heart shaped toe stop hole.